Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mission Statement, of sorts...

I know "mission statement" sounds presumptuous, but I suppose it's the best way to express what this first post is about.

"Today at the Movies" is my brand-new blog (well, the only one I have) wherein I will write little musings, anecdotes, and general commentary on the people and things I see in everyday life. The title is inspired by Walker Percy's novel, The Moviegoer, in which the protagonist goes along experiencing his life as though he were at the movies. His "detachment" from the world around him allows him to observe and analyze human behavior with an objectivity that actually brings him closer to people, and gives him an almost painfully honest view of his own subjectivity. By observing and reflecting on the people and events in my daily life, I hope to reveal the often hidden fundamental elements of the human condition: the darkness, the light, the truth, the lies, the love, the angst, and everything in between and beyond.

Hopefully, after I'm finished waxing poetic, I'll have some room left to tell you about my book-in-progress, what I ate for lunch today, or why Richard Dawson is THE creepiest game show host in television history.

Stay tuned...